Jackass #5 – People who tell you they are dieting!


We are all for America getting healthier. We are all for people grabbing an apple instead of a Cinnabon.

But if there has ever been a jackass move, it’s telling everyone you can that are on a diet.

First, we really don’t care – we are more concerned with what we are going to eat next, not what you’re NOT going to eat!

Second, don’t you detect in dieters a bit of a “holier than thou” attitude? Really, do you really have to make it public that you won’t be shoveling down the pop tarts anymore?

What about this?

You are at the restaurant, and everyone is ordering like it’s the last supper. Fried appetizers,  soup AND salad, and some big hunk of cow with several side orders! ) Then, your local Dr. Atkins chimes in throwing a wet blanket over the meal with, “uh, I’m on a diet, do you have a couple slices of turkey and some cottage cheese?”

Better yet these-carb quitters insist on learning how everything is prepared – as if they can influence the preparation routine with a few choice comments.

“Can you tell me how the Grand Slam Breakfast is being prepared?”

Look, dieting is misery – contrary to what any bestselling diet book says. This is because you are literally starving yourself. You are eating less that your body requires.

So Mr. Cranky, do us all a favor, keep your misery to yourself!

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